Etsy: Digital Order FAQs

Thank you so much for your order! We are happy to answer any questions about your custom order, but please check below first to see if your question can be answered prior to messaging us. This helps ensure that our focus can be directed on creating your order, along with others in a timely manner. We appreciate your patience as we process your order. Thank you & God Bless.

Turnaround Quick Reference

  • Proofs // 2 Business Days
  • Revisions // 1 Business Day
  • Final Delivery // 1 Business Day
  • Need them faster? Rush your proofs here:

Full details on turnaround below.

Personalization Information

Q: I forgot to enter information in the "Notes to Seller" box - how can I send that to you?

No problem! Just send us an Etsy Conversation with the information you need to add and we'll add it to your order. 

Q: How do I send you the photo for the back of my invitation or my thank you card?

Photos can be emailed to with your order number in the subject line

Q: Will I be able to edit my digital file, is it a template?

No, we do not offer our items in template format and none of them are editable. They are customized entirely by us. If you accidentally purchased it thinking it was mean to be editable, we would be happy to continue with your order and customize it for you or offer a refund.

Q. Can you change the size of the item?

Our items come in standard formats and we can occasionally change the sizes. If you need something resized, please contact us immediately after placing your order so we can determine if the resize can be accommodated. Resizes may incur additional fees. 


Q: When can I expect to receive my proofs & how?

You can expect your proofs within 2 business days (Mon-Fri) with our standard turnaround. We can rush your proofs sooner than the 2 business days, only if you have purchased the additional rush proof listing here: Proofs are sent in Etsy, through Etsy Conversations. 

Q: It has been two business days, where is my proof?

We work through orders in the process in which they were received, we can assure you we do have your order and we will be sending you a proof. We are a team of 5 mommas who work around our children's nap schedules. We often work late into the evenings after our babies go to bed to be sure our customers can get their orders completed in a timely manner. Because of this, you can expect your proofs to arrive as late as 11:59 pm on the second business day after placing you order. 

Q: Can you send me my proof faster than two business days?

Sure! You can rush your proofs here: If you choose to rush proofs, you will receive them within 24 business hours after placing your order. 


Q: I have revisions/changes to my proof, how do I send them?

Send your change requests back in a response back to us in the Etsy Conversation the you received your proof. Please be sure to look over the text and every detail of your item to be sure it's exactly the way you would like it to be.

Q: How long does it take for revisions to be made?

Please allow up to 1 full business day for your revisions to be made, if you purchased your item with standard turnaround.

Q: How many revisions can I make?

2 rounds of changes are included with your purchase, any additional revisions may be purchased at a fee of $5 per round. It's important to be sure any changes you have are sent to us after seeing the first or second proof in order to prevent additional revision fees from incurring. 

Approval, Final Files & Delivery

Q: How do I send my approval on items so I can receive the finals?

Reply to the message that contains your items with your approval on the files and we will send them to you.

Q: How long will it take for you to send the finals?

Please allow up to 1 business day after your approval for us to email the final files over to you, if you purchased standard turnaround.

 Q: How do you send the final files? 

We email them to the email address on file when you placed your order though Etsy. If you require a different email address for delivery, please send that to us after placing you order or upon approval.

Q: I approved, but still haven't received my items - where are they?

Please allow up to 1 business day after approval to receive your final files. If you have not received them, please check your spam. If you still do not see them please let us know and we will resend them to you.

Q: How can I access my "Instant Download" files?

If you purchased digital items, some of them may have been provided to you in "instant download" format. Meaning they do not require customization and can be downloaded directly from Etsy. You can access these by visiting your purchases page on Etsy and selecting the blue "download" button next to your order. This must be done on a computer, as files are not accessible on a mobile device.

Q: Which type of final file do I need: JPG or a PDF ?

Here is how to determine which file you will need. JPG files are a single image of the invitation front and back and are best used for emailing. PDFs have two invitations on a single, 8.5x11" page and are best for printing at home and with a local copy shop.

Q: Ooops! I have a change to make to my final files, can you make it for me?

Sure! No problem, please purchase the following listing to make a revision to a previous order that has already been approved and sent to you: Please allow up to 2 business days for that change to be made and a new proof to be sent. 


Q: Is it cheaper for me to print it or you to print it for me?

After paying for the digital files, then paying to have them printed elsewhere and purchasing coordinating envelopes often our customers find it's much easier and nearly the same price for use to print and they end up with a much higher quality printed product.

Q: I purchased digital, but can you just print it for me? 

Of course! Please let us know how many of each item you will need printed and we will setup a listing, send it to you and get your items printed and shipped out to you after payment. A credit will be applied to your printed order for what you've already paid for the digital files.

Q: How are your final files provided to me?

All of our final files are provided in RGB, 300 DPI format. We include a 1/8" bleed on each of our items for trimming. You can have your finals in either JPG or PDF format (please see above for details.) Smaller cards, such as Diaper Raffle cards, are placed multiple per page for easier printing.

Q: Should I use the single JPG or the PDF with two invitations to print?

The single JPG images are provided so that you can use the file to email, upload to a evite site or print with online vendors. The PDFs are what you would use to print at home on 8.5x11" card stock or with a local print shop. 

Q: What type of paper should I print on?

All of our items print on WHITE card stock (unless they are stickers of course:). You can print on the heaviest stock your home printer will allow. Printing on colored stock will cause the colors in your item to be distorted. The colors in all of our designs are digitally printed, including the background.

Q: How do I print invitations that have a front & a back?

You would choose to have us send the PDF with 2 to a page. First, You will open the front PDF file and you'll print the front of the invitation. Then turn the page over and print use the back PDF file to print the back of the page on the same paper. May take a try or two before getting the correct orientation, so have patience!

Q: My invitations or labels are not printing correctly. What do I do?

If your invitations are printing too small or too large, they aren't aligning correctly front and back, or your labels aren't aligning correctly, it's likely because of a printer setting. After opening the file and selecting print, you'll be sure that to select the option to print at 100%, full size, or actual size. The term varies per printer. This will ensure that files print at their intended full size.

Q. What are the grey lines on the corners of my invitations?

These are the crop marks. They're used to trim your invitations down to 5x7" size. All of our invitations include a .125" (1/8 inch) bleed. The bleed allows the design to extend to the edge of the invitation. The grey crop marks trim that bleed off so that the invitations are trimmed to their proper size of 5x7 and fit properly in an A7 envelope.

Q: How do I take the item to a printer or local copy shop?

Please check with your printer to see how they prefer files to be delivered. Many will accept files to be emailed to them directly from you or provided on a jump drive.

Trouble Shooting

I'm trying to upload files to Vista Print and it's cutting text off

Our files are NOT compatible with Vista Print. This is because Vista Print claims that their invitations are 5x7" and they are not. They actually print their "5x7"" invitations at 7.17" x 4.61". This is frustrating to both us and our customers because it's not clearly stated. It requires signification formatting on our end to adjust our invitations to fit their specifications so this is not included with your purchase. We may be able to adjust the text on your invitation to fit their specifications for an additional fee depending on the design, but please be advised you may still experience a incorrect trimming of intricate design details by choosing to go with Vista Print.

My files are coming out smaller than the size they are supposed to be

You'll want to be sure to print your items at 100% or Actual Size. It's different on every printer, but essentially you'll want the file to be set to print at the size that we sent it, NOT "fit to page".

My labels aren't printing correctly, or lining up with the template

You'll want to be sure to print your items at 100% or Actual Size. It's different on every printer, but essentially you'll want the file to be set to print at the size that we sent it, NOT "fit to page".

The printer I'm sending the files to says they are "too fuzzy, too small or pixelated"

Please be sure when forwarding the files that you're selecting them to be sent at "actual size" through your email provider. If you're having trouble finding that please contact your email provider or look in their FAQs. 

There are stripes across the final printed file or the colors are dull or too light

This is a problem with your printer. If you are looking at your computer screen at the file we sent you and it doesn't show on there then it's not an issue with the file. You will need to check your printer's settings and manual for assistance.