Monthly Banner Subscription

The easiest way to decorate for every season, holiday & milestone!

Subscriber Perks

  • Receive 1 or 2 banners every month

  • New seasonal & holiday designs each month
  • Free 2-5 biz. day shipping, first week each month

  • Discounted rate on your monthly banner

  • Get the design you want, without sellout risk

  • Pause, cancel or skip a month, easily at any time before the 14th each month.

June design Options

Currently Available to Subscribers only!
Last day to lock subscribe and lock in your choices for these banners is 5/31. 

Choose your Subscription

1 banner a month


2 banners a month


about hunny prints banners

  • Original Size: 36" x 26" and Mini Size: Aprox. 17x13"

  • Each banner includes a set of hanging putty. No tacks or nails needed!

  • Easily swap out new designs for each season + holiday
  • Made of lightweight, polyester fabric with hemmed edges

  • Machine washable, on delicate

  • Easily remove wrinkles by ironing on low


How many design options will be offered each month?

We've outlined a schedule of major holidays/seasons that we plan on offering banners for each month. We typically offer 2-5 designs for each holiday or season so you will have several options to choose from each month. We may decide to offer more than what is shown on the schedule as well as this is just a sample of what will be offered. We do also offer gender neutral, girl and boy geared designs so you will have options to choose from!

Where can I see a schedule of the designs that will be offered?

How do I tell you which design I want for the month?

You will be sent a link right after purchasing for you to submit your first month's choice. For each subsequent month, we will send you an email on the 16th of each month with a survey for you to submit your choice!

What if I do not like the month's design options?

You can choose any of our other in-stock banner designs to substitute. You can also pause or skip a month before your billing date on the 15th right from your account page. There will be an option on the Monthly design survey page that's emailed to you each month, for you to indicate which substitution you would like. Alternatively, you can choose to ask for a credit toward a different month in which you could receive 2 banner. 

Can I cancel, pause or skip a month?

Yes! You can do each of these things right from your account page on Hunny Prints. You'll want to be sure to do so by the 14th of each month in order to avoid being charged. 

How often and when will I be billed?

Billing will occur the first day you place your order. For example, if you order on April 3rd, you will be billed that date. From then on you will be billed on the 15th of every subsequent month unless you pause, skip or cancel your subscription.

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