{FREEBIE} Printable DIY "Happy Easter" Bunting Banners

Most of us will be celebrating Easter Sunday with just our immediate families this year, due to the Coronavirus preventing us from our typical large gatherings. I don't know about you all, but personally I'm finding it hard to make the effort to decorate because of this. I wanted to come up with something simple that would help spruce our house up a bit and that was easy for our kids to get involved. I designed this DIY "Happy Easter" bunting banner that can be mixed and matched in different ways and was an easy DIY. I know you are all just as cooped up as we are, so I wanted to share with everyone and hopefully bring a little joy to you all!

It's super simple to assemble and easy for kids who know how to use scissors to help. My almost 4 year old daughter was able to help cut! This project can be made with any printer paper (card stock is ideal), scissors, hole punch and string or ribbon.

I'm offering 3 bunnies and 3 letter color options to mix and match to make your very own! If you have children, the fun part is to let them create their very own by choosing their bunny and letter colors. My son choose the boy bunny with grey letters for his room, my daughter chose the girl bunny with gold letters for her room and I decided to do the neutral bunny with pastel letters for our common area!

Because the children don't have a ton of wall space in their rooms, I decided to print their bunnies and letters at a smaller size to make a smaller banner. For our common area, I chose to go with the full-sized banner, I'll explain how to do this in the easy steps below.

What You'll Need:

  • A color printer
  • White card stock preferred, standard printer paper will work
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • String or twine


1. Choose & Download Your Bunny.

Click on the link below to download a high resolution file to print!

Girl Bunny Banner Pennant

Boy Bunny Banner Pennant

Neutral Bunny Banner Pennant

2. Choose & Download Your Letter Style

Click the link to download a high resolution PDF of the banner pennant letters of your choice.

Gold Banner Pennant Letters

Grey Banner Pennant Letters

Pastel Banner Pennant Letters

3. Choose Size & Print

  • For Full-size larger pennants, print each file at full-size or 100% on your printer
  • For small pennants, like I did for the kids rooms, print at 75% on your printer

4. Cut, punch holes & add string!

  • Have kiddos help cut out on the dotted lines!
  • Punch holes in top right and left corners
  • String letters on ribbon, twine or string
  • Hang using hooks, tacks or tape

Our kids had so much fun doing these bunting banners and loved hanging them in their rooms! Here are the finished results of our banners. Yes, those are our new baby chicks making an appearance :) 

Hope you all enjoy this activity as much as my family did! If you instagram or facebook, please tag us @hunnyprints - and use hashtag #hunnyprints . I plan on sharing new free printable each week so be sure that you are a Hunny Prints Insider to get first access to our freebies! You can be apart of this exclusive group by signing up for our newsletter on our hunnyprints.com home page or in the footer of our website.

Please share these banners with anyone who you think would enjoy them! Be on the lookout soon for the next Easter themed freebie!

Stay well & God Bless!

Lindsey Rubino
Owner & Artist, Hunny Prints


NOTE: These banners are for personal use only. They are copyright @ Hunny Prints™ 2020. DO not sell or modify the design on these banners in any way.  

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