Become an Affiliate

Welcome, you've been selected to be a Hunny Prints Affiliate!

Affiliate overview:

• 1 complimentary banner per drop

• Receive a personal coupon code to share 10% off discount with your followers

• Earn 10% commission on sales from your personal code

• 45 day cookie

• Payout via PayPal

How to get started:

1. Please create a Hunny Prints Account.

2. Fill out the affiliate application.

3. Once your applicate has been submitted and account has been created, we will send an email notifying you!

4. You will then receive a discount code to receive a free banner from up-coming collections. We will email you at the beginning of each month with new collections and drop dates for the collection.

5. You will receive your custom code to share with followers that will allow them to receive 10% off their order and you to receive 10% commission on each sale.

Affiliate expectations:

• We ask our affiliates to engage with our content posted on social media by commenting, liking, sharing to stories

• Please post at least 1 photo and/or reel styled your way for EACH banner, before or on the drop date or provide the photo/reel to our team to share if you do not wish to personally post before the drop.

• Sharing unboxing stories or reels is not required but appreciated!

• Please share our drop dates with your followers with your code. The more you share, the more opportunity you have to earn!

• You will receive an email each month when new collections are available for you to receive banners from for drops.

We reserve the rights to discontinue our affiliate relationship at any point in time, if we feel that the partnership is not working.