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Earn points every time you tag us in your stories and posts on instagram: @hunnyprints or use the hashtag #hunnyprints on Tik Tok Videos
#ambassadorbee on the 'gram
Ambassador Rewards + Perks

If accepted into our Ambassador program, you'll be eligible for the following exclusive rewards. All rewards are managed with your Hunny Prints account on our Rewards Page. Rewards for referring customers and posting on Instagram or Tik Tok are automatically applied. Engagement rewards are applied to your account by our team through out the month.

$15 for Each Referral

Share your personal referral link to give followers 15% off first time purchases  and earn $15 Rewards for each purchase.

$5 for Each Social Posts

$5 per post, reel or story mention on Instagram or Tik Tok Video. Earn points to 2x a day!

Early Access to Drops

Get access to banners before they drop to the public, so that you can help share the news about our up-coming drops!

Engagement Rewards

We'll reward you with bonus points for engaging on our social media posts and for posting and engaging in our Facebook VIP Group.

How it Works
  • Create a account + apply to be an ambassador

  • Check your email to see if you've been approved!

  • Redeem your first reward on your rewards page

  • Purchase a banner from our most recent drop with your reward!

  • Post your banner photos on Instagram and tag @hunnyprints

  • Get emails to shop up-coming drops early!

  • You can earn as many rewards as you like to get free banners! 

Ready to sign up?

Before applying, please Create an account here. If accepted, you'll use your account to manage your Ambassador Rewards. 

ambassador bee FAQs

How do I manage my account?

Make sure you are logged into your Hunny Prints account here. Then go to your rewards page here. Your rewards page will be where you manage your ambassador account rewards and activities. IMPORTANT: You will need to link your instagram and/or Tik Tok Handle to your account in order to properly track your social activities for Hunny Prints. You can redeem your rewards from this page as well and use the codes provided for each reward on checkout!

When are rewards given?

You'll automatically receive rewards for referral orders and Instagram or Tik Tok Posts. For other activities: Product Overviews, Engagement and Pre and Post Drop Photo reposts - our team will provide the rewards to your account within 1-2 weeks from the activity. Please email with questions!

What if I am not accepted into the program?

You can still participate in The Hunny Hive reward program!! You can earn rewards for purchase and completing social posts as well!

How do the pre-drop and post-drop photo rewards work?

If we post your photo to our feed you will earn rewards! We post photos to our feed that fit with our brand aesthetic. We like light and airy photos, with clear visuals of our banners. Our banners must be ironed in the images. We prefer not too many props for the photo.

Pre-Drop Photos $15:
If you provide us with photos or reels before a drop and we choose to post it to our feed, we'll provide you $15 in rewards! As an ambassador, you'll have access to shop drops before they're available to the public. We'll inform you of the drop date and when each collection is available via email. If you provide us the photos at least 1 day or more before the drop and we post your photos, we'll provide you $15 credit. If you also post the photo and share details on the drop, you earn an additional $5 credit per mention. 

Post-Drop Photos $10:
If we repost a photo that you've shared of a banner that is already available on our site (post drop), we'll reward you $10! 

Photos can be sent to for best results or sent via instagram messages

Posting Guidelines

Instagram: Posts must tag @hunnyprints in the description and actual photo. Stories tag @hunnyprints
Tik Tok: Publish a TikTok video with hashtag #hunnyprints
Posts must visibly display a Hunny Prints Banner
Please Iron your banner before photographing - it makes a huge difference!

T & C

When you become a brand ambassador, you agree to allow us to use your photos for marketing purposes. We reserve the rights to change our rewards program at any time. We reserve the right to remove you from our Ambassador program at any time if we feel that you are not using the program as intended.