Banner Subscription FAQs

Please see a list of common FAQs below about our Banner Subscriptions.

What is a Banner subscription?

It's a subscription which allows you to receive a seasonal or holiday themed banner each month. As a subscriber, you are guaranteed to receive the design of your choice before it sells out or is available to non-subscriber customers. You also have the option to add as many other banners from the current subscriber collection, at 10% off. 

How do I choose my design?

You can choose right from your account on You can choose up until the 27th of each month for the next, up-coming month. For example: your window to choose for October banners, is from September 1-27th.

How many design options will be offered each month?

We've outlined a schedule of major holidays/seasons that we plan on offering banners for each month. We typically offer 2-5 designs for each holiday or season so you will have several options to choose from each month. We may decide to offer more than what is shown on the schedule as well as this is just a sample of what will be offered. We do also offer gender neutral, girl and boy geared designs so you will have options to choose from!

Where can I see a schedule of the designs that will be offered?

What if I do not like the design options?

You can skip a month right from your account! 

Can I cancel, pause or skip a month?

You can skip a month, or multiple months right from your account. You also have the option to cancel. If you want to re-activate your account, simply click the re-activate subscription button.

How do I manage or see my subscription?

From your account page. You can do so when signing up. If you did not register when signing up, please register for an account after signing up for a subscription with the same email you used when signing up. Accounts are not automatically created when you sign up.  

  • Once logged in, access your account by clicking the person Icon on the top right of the screen
  • Click the button that says "Manage Subscriptions"
  • On this page you will see options to update the design choice for the month, skip your next order, update payment methods or shipping addresses or cancel.

How often and when will I be billed?

Billing will occur the first day you place your order, and from then on the 28th each subsequent month. For example, if you order on April 7th, you will be billed that date initially, then each month after on the 27th unless you skip a month or cancel your subscription.

How do I receive the next month's banner selection? 

We lock in subscriptions by the 27th each month & subscriptions ship out the first week of each month. For example, if you want October's banner subscription, subscribe by September 27th. 

When do the banners ship out for the month?

Banners will ship out within the first week of the month. You can expect to start receiving them the second week of the month. We send all holiday/seasonal Banners at least a month before the actual holiday so you have plenty of time to actually use your backdrop! For example, Christmas backdrops will be sent the first week of October. 

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us at